One Pound Bag of Elliot Pecans by Cane River

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1 lb bag Elliott Pecans
Item #1001E  
Delicious, nutritious Elliott pecan halves are prized by seasoned chefs and fanatic foodies for their robust sweet flavor, high oil content and delectable crunch. The small, oval shaped nut is a rare specialty pecan due to its sporadic yield and the fact that only select growers choose to harvest them.

Elliotts are a variety of pecan and are so named after the man who first discovered them in Florida's panhandle during the 1920's. Elliotts are not always easy to locate, so we have sourced some of the most respected growers in the deep south to furnish us with their best-in-season selection of fresh, natural Elliott halves.

Because of their stocky little size, Elliotts don't require chopping when adding to many flavorful pecan recipes. So feel free to use whole Elliott halves in cookies, muffins, salads and pies.

Ask for Elliotts by name and then sit back and enjoy their tasty goodness.
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