Our Team

Every great company has a tremendous team behind the scenes making it all look effortless.

Cane River Pecan Company is no different. We have a leadership team that is passionate and committed to customer service, loves the gifting process, embraces the challenges of running a growing company, and really appreciates wonderful pecans. What else can we ask for?

Jady Regard, CNO

Jady Regard

CNO - Chief Nut Officer

Jady's family has been in the pecan business since 1969, the year he was born. You can safely say that he has been around pecans his entire life. At age nine he and his two brothers started a pecan cracking company called The Nutcrackers in their family's garage. It appears he was destined to be in the pecan industry from that point on. Jady oversees all aspects of the company while specializing in the sales and marketing area of the business. Jady spent 13 years in the sports administration and marketing industry and draws on his executive experience on a daily basis to offer services he believes creates a gifting partnership between Cane River Pecan Company and its customers.

Sonja Fredieu, COO

Sonja Fredieu

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Sonja oversees a huge portion of our company, and she does it incredibly well. During the crush of the gifting season Sonja oversees all aspects of purchasing, inventory, production, packing, staffing and shipping. It is a daunting task given the incredible number of orders that we are hit with during November and December. The job is fraught with challenges that change daily as the intense gifting season unfolds. However, Sonja is steady and not at all rattled by the around-the-clock execution it requires to get the job completely done. Almost as soon as the busy season is complete she is busy working on work flow, hiring, training, new inventory and scheduling for the crucial final quarter of the year. During the rest of the year she stays busy working with budgets, IT demands, equipment upgrades, and vendor relationships. There is not a part of the company that Sonja does not have valuable involvement and input.

Sandy Breaux

Vicki Bazer

CAO - Chief Administration Officer

Vicki has been with Cane River Pecan Company since the first pecan was ever sold. How lucky are we? If you have been a long term customer of ours, there is an excellent chance that you have spoken to Vicki over the years. She is as steady as a rock! As the CAO, Vicki oversees many of the general office responsibilities like receivables and payables, taxes, licenses and other general administrative duties. Her institutional knowledge is invaluable. We should also mention she has the mind of a steel trap. Not a bad asset to have on the team. We simply would not be the company we are without Vicki's long-term loyalty and commitment.

Vicki Bazer, CAO

Sandy Breaux

Manager of Customer Services

Sandy is that sweet, steady voice you hear when you have the luxury of calling into our offices. She has that uncanny ability to calm the most frenzied customer during the busy gifting season. But know, she is much more than just a calming voice. Sandy oversees our contact center which includes all inbound phone, online and fax orders. She is responsible for hiring and training our phone representatives, working with our inbound ordering software, and creating off-season engagement programs. Her department also oversees all returns and general customer service requests. She is as sweet as she sounds on the phone and is a master with complex orders under pressure.

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