Featured Chef Jennifer Hughes + Recipe Images

Meet Chef Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes draws from her experience in fine dining and elite pastry work to create handmade delights. She has honed her skills in restaurants all across the South, including Vivo in Austin, TX, Domenica in New Orleans, LA, and Charley G's in Lafayette, LA.

For Chef Jennifer, sweet treats have always held a special place in her heart. In her daily work, she loves whipping up new desserts, sharing them with others and getting their reaction to her flavorful combinations. Some of her favorite recipes include Caramelized White Chocolate and Fig Ice Cream, Brown Butter Pumpkin Cake, and Apple Turnovers.

Jennifer is currently listed as one of Louisiana Cookin' Magazine's 6 Chefs to Watch for 2022. Through her unique recipes, she's able to display her technical expertise and creativity.

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