Our Pecan Varieties

Elliott Halves

First discovered in the Florida panhandle. Prized for their sweet taste and enjoyed for their snackability.

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Pecan Pieces

We offer medium "cut" natural pieces perfect for all of your baking or topping needs.

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Mammoth Halves

The biggest and most desired pecans on the market, period. It's no wonder they are called Desirable.

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Roasted & Salted Pecans

The classic roasted and salted pecan, ideal for parties and gatherings. Pairs perfectly with any cocktail. A holiday darling.

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Praline Pecans

A southern favorite. Easy to love. Given the traditional New Orleans praline coating, with a bit of crunch.

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Milk Chocolate Pecans

Our number one selling flavored pecan. First it's roasted and salted, then bathed in chocolate. Divine.

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