Milk Chocolate and Praline Pecans Executive Mardi Gras Tin
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Executive Mardi Gras Mambo Combo $36.00  
As a Louisiana based company we are mighty proud of our carnival heritage and feel fortunate to celebrate Mardi Gras each year. So why not share with us in celebrating the Mardi Gras season with a royal treat from Cane River Pecan Company.

You will certainly catch your lucky gift recipients completely off-guard by remembering their role in your business success by sending them a Mardi Gras gift tin of pecans. And since Mardi Gras arrives in the early spring, your gift is sure to stand out since you will be avoiding the fourth quarter rush.

This flavorful assortment of candied-mammoth pecan halves includes generous portions of our best-selling Milk Chocolate Pecans and our crunchy Praline Pecans...our two most popular pecan flavors.

Each tasteful variety is nestled in its own compartment of our colorful Mardi Gras gift tin. Included in the tin is a small bag of Mardi Gras favors which includes six, 16-inch traditional purple-green-gold metallic Mardi Gras beads and three festive doubloons. Remind your recipients to throw the beads, eat the pecans!

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