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Cane River Pecan Company offers a best-selling selection of gourmet flavored pecans: Milk Chocolate Covered, Praline Coated and Roasted and Salted pecans. They are the three most traditional types of flavors with our signature recipes.

Cane River Pecan Company White Chocolate Coated Pecan Gift Tins
White Chocolate Pecans
Honey Glazed Pecans Gift Tins
Honey Glazed Pecans
Cane River Pecan 6 Ounce Gift Boxes of Chocolate, Praline and Roasted Pecans
6 oz. Gift Boxes
Corporate and Executive Milk Chocolate Pecan Tins
Milk Chocolate Pecans
Praline Pecans
Praline Pecans
Roasted & Salted Pecans
Roasted & Salted Pecans