Featured Chef: OLIVIA REGARD

Home Chef & Hostess

A Louisiana native, Olivia Regard holds close the hospitality of the South, while remaining committed to her profession and family. She’s a passionate cook who loves to experiment — especially with pecans. And between her career, caring for her two children, and hosting social gatherings in her home—she’s no stranger to busy schedules, picky eaters and ensuring any good time is accompanied with great food.

Inspired by these everyday challenges, Olivia strives to create simple yet satisfying dishes for others to replicate at home. Her specialties? Ensuring the brunch spread is as delectable as it is nutritious, and that the appetizers are the highlight of any soirée season. Whether you’re catering to a party crowd or spending an afternoon with the family, this collection of flavorful, easy-to-make pecan recipes will ensure everyone returns for seconds.

Olivia’s Favorites:

Featured Chef Olivia Regard

Featured Chef Olivia Regard's Banana Pecan Pancakes

Featured Chef Olivia Regard's Brown Butter Pecan Buscuits