If there's one thing Cane River Pecan Company knows, it's the value of a great gift. Operating out of New Iberia, Louisiana, our family-owned company is a top supplier of big smiles and edible goodness. Browse our wide selection of flavored and natural pecan products, customizable gift tins, specialty items and more. From crunchy, hand-picked mammoth pecans to gourmet cookies baked to order, we've got the perfect treat to top off your personal or corporate gift list, no matter the season.

Three Pound and Five Pound Boxes of Elliot Pecans by Cane River
Elliott Pecan Boxes
Assortment of Elliot Pecan Gift Tins and Gift Boxes by Cane River Pecan
Elliott Pecan Gift Tins
Honey Glazed Pecans Gift Tins
Honey Glazed Pecans
3 lb. Box and 5 lb. Box of Mammoth Natural Pecans
Mammoth Pecan Boxes
Cane River All Natural Mammoth Pecans Gift Tins and Boxes
Mammoth Pecan Gift Tins
Adjustable Grey and White Cane River Pecan Company Mesh Cap
Mesh Cap
Corporate and Executive Milk Chocolate Pecan Tins
Milk Chocolate Pecans
Bronze Cane River Pecan Cufflinks by Madeline Ellis
Pecan Cufflinks
Bronze Cane River Pecan Necklace by Madeline Ellis
Pecan Necklace
1 lb. Bag of Medium Cut Natural Pecan Pieces
Pecan Pieces Bag
Pecan Pieces Boxes
Pecan Pieces Boxes
Pecan Smoked Sugar
Pecan Smoked Sugar